plateau, where sea and mountain winds meet, creating ideal climate for drying prosciuttos.

Prosciutto Cobius

Handled gently by expert hands and seasoned in the pure Karst air. Time of seasoning depends mostly on the weight and the weather throught the year. Prosciutto Cobius has a great balance of saltiness, sweetness and tenderness, capable of seducing the most demanding palates.
We offer:
- Prosciutto Cobius (whole leg) seasoned for 16 – 18 months, weight 6 – 7 kg
- Prosciutto Cobius (whole leg) seasoned for 24+ months, weight 9 – 11 kg
- Vakuum-packed pieces (hand-made, weight around 1 kg)
- Vacuum-packed sliced prosciutto

Pancetta Morus

The elegant exchange of lines of meat and fat with a touch of pepper form a unique delicate flavor.

We offer:
- Whole pancetta
- Vakuum-packed pieces (hand-made)

Game prosciuttos

The thighs are dried with bone and are surrounded by fur, which makes it possible to create a deliciously soft aromatic smell and dark red color. We do not smoke prosciuttos and thus maintain a genuine intense aroma of slices that melt in the mouth.
Cobius Rena - wild boar prosciutto
Cobius Lucus - deer prosciutto

We offer: Pre-booking required

Cooked or baked prosciutto Cobius

Upon order we cook prosciutto or bake it in bread, which is surely the king of the event, especially around Easter.

We offer:
Pre-booking required


Prosciutto hand-slicing is a skill that "runs in our veins". In that way prosciutto slices gain intensive flavor you just cannot resist trying one. We offer hand-slicing of prosciutto in events or special occasions.

Teran wine

Word "teran" comes from the Italian word "terra", which means soil. Red Karst soil is rich in minerals and iron that gives teran such an intense ruby colour and exquisite flavour and taste of cherries, raspberries and forrest fruit. It goes very well along with prosciutto, so it is a sin not to taste it. Ščuka familys grows all vines in traditional-style vineyards, without the use of systemic pesticides. Grapes are hand-picked and sorted. Our teran wine is produced only with autohtonous yeasts that are already present on the grapes, without fining agents, without filtration and with minimal addition of sulfites.

Gift program

For your beloved ones or business partners we offer gift program, which includes our meat delicacies, Teran wine and products from local producers.