Boutique prosciutteria ​



It is part of a family estate in the village of Kobjeglava in the Karst, where a centuries-old tradition, procedures and experiences have been preserved. Through careful work and transformed into authentic products.

Traditional maturation

Our meats are seasoned into quality and aromatic authentic products due to drying on wooden racks and manual regulation of pure Karst air into the interior of the prosciuterria. Unspoiled nature and the unique karst climate enable meats to mature in a natural way without need of smoking.

Family story

The centuries-old family heritage of drying prosciutto was passed on to Franc Ščuka, who built his own prosciutera and was the first to prepare a comprehensive technological procedure for the preparation of Karst prosciutto during Yugoslavia for the state company MIP Nova Gorica. With his prosciutto and technological process, Franc Ščuka became the founder of the prosciutto craft in the Karst, as before no one made a living exclusively from this craft. Today, the family boutique craft is continued faithful to the family tradition and the compromise between the natural and the quality.

Authentic experience

A visit to the Ščuka family estate is an authentic experience of learning about the family story through the story of the careful shaping of 300 year-old mulberry tree and the unique process of maturing prosciutto while visiting the interior of the prosciutteria. The experience is enriched by tasting various prosciuttos in the company of cheeses from local producers, home-made bread and a glass of excellent wine teran.

Ancient mulberry tree

With its mighty canopy in the shape of an umbrella, the mulberry tree represents a unique living cultural and historical monument of the silk-making craft on Slovenian ground. A special shaping skill has been passed down between generations without interruption for 300 years, and this is exactly what has made it possible to preserve its unique shape and story.

Hand - slicing

The arts of hand-slicing are revealed when choosing tasting menu “Karst gourmet”. In the workshop you master every step from the whole prosciutto leg, every proffesional tools, to the perfect prosciutto slice.




Brinko and a Karst Adventure

Brinko is a brave Karst shepherd looking after the sheep. The adventure begins when one of the sheep leaves the herd. The tale includes additional educational content presenting the unique features of Karst-related natural and cultural phenomena, inviting children into the stunning world of caves, ice stores, quarries …

Experience a Karst adventure on a family trip with a book in a backpack.

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