plateau, where houses are built from stone. Together they withstand the bora wind.

Mulberry tree

Entering the Ščuka yard you can admire the 250 year old mulberry tree in the worldest unique shape of umbrella. We take you to the times when mulberry trees came to Karst and later had important role in silk production. At authentic Karst yard you get to know all about typical architecture elements and listen to story about stone, which is still Karst man's the greatest inspiration.

Prosciutto drying facility

Tour continues to prosciutto drying facility, which is one of the rarest, where prosciuttos and other products are dried only with the help of the bora wind. Inside you get to know more about traditional prosciutto making and whole lot more secrets that were passed on from our ancestors.


After seeing all those Karst specialities and when suddenly your stomaches begin to make some sounds, it is time to continue to the tasting room. There you can taste our products, as well as variety of cheeses, fruit juices and wines from local producers. Groups and travelers are most welcome.

Tasting menus

»Taste of Karst«

prosciutto COBIUS aged for 24+ months,
pancetta MORUS,
wild boar prosciutto COBIUS RENA,
deer prosciutto COBIUS LUCUS,
different cow and goat cheeses,
home-made bread
teran wine or fruit juice

»Karst gourmet«

prosciutto COBIUS aged for 24+ months,
pancetta MORUS,
wild boar prosciutto COBIUS RENA,
deer prosciutto COBIUS LUCUS,
chamois prosciutto COBIUS RUPI,
different cow and goat cheeses,
home-made bread,
teran wine or fruit juice,
teran wine aged in oak barrel
hand-cutting prosciutto workshop

For travel agencies and larger groups we have prepared additional degustation menus.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to make a reservation and how many days before we visit you?

We kindly ask you to make a reservation at least teo weeks upfront your visit.

Do you accept also reservations for 2 persons?

We dedicate our time to every person, no matter how big the group is.

Can also children join us?

Of course. For children under 12 we charge only half of the regular price.

Is it possible to buy any of your product at the end of the visit?

At the end of your visit you can buy all of our products. Some of the products are available only upon upfront arrangement, so please check menu »We offer« for more details.

Are you really Prosciutto drying facility Ščuka (=Pršutarna Ščuka)?

Yes. Last year our guests kindly warned us, that someone else is using our name. This question is therefore set just to warn you to pay attention when making a reservation.